Biographical Information about Pierre Jolivet.


Pierre Jolivet, a Frenchman  by birth, was previously entomologist at the Royal Institute of  Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium, from 1950 to 1957. He then spent most of his life abroad travelling as project director and entomologist in various entomological and  plant protection projects for the UN specialized agencies, including FAO and WHO. He visited most of the tropical countries of  SE Asia , Papua-New Guinea, Australia , Africa  and Latin America doing research or teaching in various universities, and participated  to many tropical research expeditions. Dr. Jolivet was for a short while entomologist at the Museum of Natural History, Paris (1962) and scientific director of the Environmental Unit (EID) in Montpellier, France with a research job at the zoological department of the university (1971-1972).

Dr. Jolivet special interest all his life rested on leaf-beetles taxonomy and mostly biology, plant-insect relationships, ant-plants, and the study of several Sporozoa, parasitic of Insects, of the order Gregarina (Apicomplexa).

Pierre Jolivet has written twenty-three books, some dealing with topics like Ants and Plants, Carnivorous Plants, Insect and Man, Host-Plants of the Chrysomelidae, others in collaboration with several specialists, like the series of 5 volumes on the Biology of Chrysomelidae. Recently, a book on the biology of leaf-beetles in French summarize the knowledge accumulated on the family. Another one on the same topic, but completely different; in English (Biology of  the Leaf Beetles ) with another specialist was published in England:

Pierre Jolivet obtained his Ph.D. from the antique and historical Sorbonne in Paris in 1954, just one year before the splitting of Paris University into 12 separate entities.
P. Jolivet is now a corresponding member of the National Museum  of Natural History, Paris, France and Research Associate at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, Gainesville. He goes on studying  his beetles, the Chrysomelids, and travelling abroad in various missions, mostly in Central and South  America and SE Asia, as a consultant in entomology, biological control and plant protection.

Recently, he made several trips in New Caledonia and surroundings looking for archaic beetles and Gondwana links.




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